Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Fucking Showers.

So we had one ok day yesterday, and since it has been raining nonstop. I woke up about 3 times last night because of the thunder.. Zack knew to come and check on me because he thought I'd be scared. He's sweet.

We were able to go outside a little yesterday (just around the house) and were playing around when I found some plants I had planted last year and forgotten about. I realized they were carrots and pulled them up. This is what I found.

The plant.

Funky ass carrots.

Afterwards we saw that the cats were really wanting to come outside. Slinky was meowing and trying to climb the screen window.



Scrambles chickened out and stayed inside, but Slinky decided to try her hand at being an outside cat.




We ended up grocery shopping and getting them a new toy for their troubles.

Look at dis cube.


Scrambles better not touch dis.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ugh, work. and Spring. And Storms.

Why am I lying, nothing stops me from posting, I'm just uber fucking lazy.

In that case here's a picture of Zack and a couple of friends playing in a supposedly really bad storm that came through a couple nights ago. I'll let you decide the severity.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

French Lick

Man, what a name for such a pretty place. Took a bunch of pictures, hiked around and looked at the sights. Didn't gamble because I'm broke, but it was real beautiful after the rain stopped.


Moms, Sister, and me.

We went around the whole hotel/resort part and then headed to the gardens and the spring. There is a sulphur spring (that pic up top about the laxatives) where they used to bottle sulphur water and use it as laxatives. 

My Moob.

And last but not least...

She discovered the camera.


Off to French Lick Resort and Casino, my mom and dad have a room for the weekend. Buffet, bowling, and watching my dad try to win at a poker tourney. Funfun. I'll come back with pictures hopefully, I hear it's really nice, although in a tiny tiny town in Indiana.

And here's a nice picture of what it looks like outside today and the reason I'm going. Blehg rain.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Thats a mix of what's in this post.. Slinky and my monster pimple.

She moved.



Had a good time at another concert last night, headed out to Covington, KY to see Skeletonwitch and 3 Inches of Blood.

Can you tell this is mostly what me and Zack do? We have some videos that I took, but Zack hasn't uploaded yet. In place, here is the video for Battles and Brotherhood by 3IOB:

Cam Pipes (High Vocals) is a fucking badass.

I also got a new t-shirt! This one is from Skeletonwitch:

Do it. 

Here's the front, from the site because Zack was only interested in picturing the back:

It's a badass Orc Raider.

Anyway, fun night overall. See ya'll later, I'm hungry now.

Scrambles says hi!